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We will ship the goods next day after you placed order. Except for weekends and holidays, the delivery will not be shipped. Please be sure to fill in the correct shipping address when ordering, otherwise you will have to pay for the replacement shipping fee.

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Aulola Dropship User Guide

#1 Create an account here:

#2 Get products information
	Login and navigate to one category page, hover on one product, you will see a check-box on its top left, check it to add to the download list. Click the button float on the middle right to expand the list, where you may review/remove SKUs. Click download to get a zip file which contains all images and description of products you've selected. Unzip the zip file, find products images in folders named with SKU, all products description in one excel file 'Product Information.xls'. 
	Please note:
		1. The SKUs you get are different form those on our website, yours are encoded. Every dropship member get his unique SKUs, which will be decoded as the SKUs you see on our website when your eBay/Amazon orders are imported. Using different SKUs is for your good, because if all dropship members use the same SKU, you will be considered as 'Operating and maintaining multiple Seller Central accounts', which is strictly prohibited by eBay and Amazon. Please also make necessary changes of the item name(must) and description(recommended) before listing, just for precaution.
		2. 'Product description' are in HTML format.
	You may find all products available in our Manchester warehouse here:

#3 list downloaded products on your eBay/Amazon store
	You may refer to eBay/Amazon official tutorial on how to list products. 
		1. The Custom labels(eBay) and SKUs(Amazon) must be exactly the same as those in your downloaded products materials, orders with SKUs(decoded) that don't match our SKUs can not be imported.
		2. Your shipping methods setting. 
			eBay: Postage service can be set as shipping methods list available on Aulola Dropship(see bellow). If shipping method does not match any methods in the list, Royal Mail First Class Letter/Parcel will be applied.
			Amazon: Standard ship method orders will be sent by Royal Mail Second Class Letter/Parcel, and Expedited orders be sent by Royal Mail First Class Letter/Parcel
		3. Shipping methods available on Aulola Dropship:
			Royal Mail First Class Letter
			Royal Mail First Class Large Letter
			Royal Mail Second Class Letter
			Royal Mail Second Class Large Letter
			Royal Mail Second Class Parcel
			Royal Mail Second Class Parcel(Signed for)
#4 Export your eBay/Amazon orders
	1. Export Amazon Unshipped Orders Report please refer to
		* Note: Amazon Unshipped Orders report should be saved as TXT file.
	2. Export eBay 'paid and waiting to disptch orders'(CSV format):
		Login to you eBay seller account, follow tutorial bellow: 

#5 Import your eBay/Amazon orders into Aulola Dropship
	1. Go to MY ACCOUNT, click My Dropship Orders
	2. Click 'Choose File', select your eBay/Amazon orders, click 'Upload'. 
	3. Wait a moment for program handling, then you will see the import report, check the succeed/failed records and reason.
#6 Pay your dropship orders
	1. Go to 'My Dropship Orders'
	2. Pay per order: just click 'Order it' on the right of every row.
	3. Bulk pay. Select all orders listed on the page by checking the check box on the first row, or Select multiple orders by check check boxes every row, then click 'Batch Pay'
	4. Select payment method, review the orders, leave a comment if you wish. Click 'PLACE ORDER NOW' to pay.
	5. If you choose 'PayPal Express Checkout', please ignore shipping address on Paypal page, we only deliver goods to the shipping addresses in your imported orders.
#7 Check orders status and tracking
	You will receive an email when the order status is updated(invoice, shipping and tracking information, canceled, hold...). You may edit and forward these emails to your customers.